Dana White says If you are fighter complaining about money, it’s your own fault

UFC President Dana White

Fighter pay is always a hot topic.

UFC President Dana White is always included in the subject and recently spoke about it as Colin Cowherd brought it up with White during his Thursday appearance on “The Herd.”

“When you’re the boss . . . you’re never going to be the most popular guy,” White said. “You’re going to make decisions. When the decision isn’t YES, people aren’t happy.”

White says that since Zuffa bought the UFC, fighter pay has only gone up. However, White says that if you’re a fighter and not making the money you think you should be making, then it is your own issue.

“The problem with professional fighting is the guys who are really good and stand out make millions of dollars. But, these other guys feel like, ‘Well, why didn’t I make millions of dollars?’ The answer is you weren’t good enough. You weren’t good enough and not enough people cared while you were fighting. So you’re going to hear guys who didn’t necessarily make it.”

Does White make a point that only the fighters who are bringing in viewers are the ones making the big money? Share your thoughts on the subject in the comment section.

Video | Rafael dos Anjos
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