Nate Diaz was getting a black belt in martial arts while others were getting black belts in media

Nate Diaz taps Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz never cared for doing any media for his fights, but now realizes that it plays an important role for his own business as a fighter.

Speaking with Esquire, Diaz says that he has gotten ahead of his competition now that he put his focus on his fighting technique first and is now polishing his presence in the media.

Diaz said, “I put in a lot of time dodging all these interviews for training because I was like, ‘There’s no time to do this shit. I’m a fighter, I don’t need the media.’ Well, nowadays I understand that’s a big part… I think that’s why I’m where I’m at, because when everybody else was fucking around doing interviews and doing photo shoots, I was in the gym, and I got ahead of the game. I feel like they all became black belts in media, and I became a black belt in martial arts.”

With the skills to back up his talk, Diaz has found the right formula to be a big draw for the UFC and himself. Now, we just have to wait and see who Nate Diaz will be fighting next in the Octagon and enjoy the show.

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