VIDEO | Conor McGregor says he will slap the heads off of scary clowns and Eddie Alvarez

By Chris Taylor - October 14, 2016

ufc featherweight champ

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor participated in a Facebook interview with The LAD Bible earlier today where he answered questions on a number of different topics.

One of those subjects was the recent scary-clown epidemic to which Conor responded with the following:

“I’ve seen people dressed up as clowns or something like that.” What would you do if one came up to you? “I would slap the head off of one (clown). You see some guy jumping out screaming in your face dressed in a clown mask? I’d slap the head off him pull the clown mask off and stick it up his ass! You know what I mean? What the f–k even is that? I don’t what the f–k even is that. Have people been killed or what? I haven’t heard that people have been killed. You’ve heard that maybe there’s stabbing and stuff like that but… I don’t know it’s f–ked up! I don’t know it’s f–ked up. Just don’t come near me in a clown suit. In fact, don’t come near me period. Come near me and I’ll slap the head off you anyway. But if you’re in a clown suit I’ll slap the head off you even more so.”

McGregor was also asked how he is preparing for his upcoming 155-pound title fight with current lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez.

“The last fight I trained very specific,” McGregor said in reference to his training camp for the rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202. “I went against 6-foot plus southpaws in the middleweight to light heavyweight ranks. That’s who I trained with last fight.

“This time we’ve gone back to 5-foot-7 stalky stuffed wrestlers with mediocre boxing. That’s the opponent I’m going up against. We’ve got solid boxers (for this camp), we’ve got solid wrestlers. That is a body type (Eddie’s) that is very easily found. I’ve been facing this opponent, this new opponent this body type, these attacks, I’ve been facing that style my whole life. It’s like a… It’s easy really. It’s a lot better for me. It’s handy. I don’t have to go out and source these taller, bigger. They’ve got to be southpaws also and react certain ways. There’s a million opponents and training partners that replicate this next opponents style.”

“The Notorious” was also asked, “How will the fight with Eddie end?” to which he responded.

“I think my fist is bigger than his head,” McGregor replied. “I think I will plant him with a shot. It’s going to be goodnight. It will be early (the finish) and it will be devastating.”



Conor McGregor