John Kavanagh says UFC 257 was the most “dedicated and motivated” Conor McGregor ever

Conor McGregor
Image Credit: @ufc on twitter

John Kavanagh knows Conor McGregor was fully focused and prepared for his UFC 257 fight against Dustin Poirier.

Throughout McGregor’s career, there has been a common perception that the Irishman has lost his focus and isn’t as determined as he once was when he made his way up the featherweight division. However, for McGregor’s head coach in Kavanagh, he says the Irishman was fully dedicated and motivated and this was the best Conor he has seen.

“I can tell you, I’ve never seen him as dedicated and motivated, training with intensity for as long of a period of time. The year was tipping along but it really became fight camp training six months ago,” Kavanagh said to ESPN. “That is more than he has ever done in his career. The Eddie fight was a beautiful fight where he won the second belt and he didn’t have as long or arduous of a training camp for that as he did for this. No, I can absolutely, hand on heart say, Dustin, bested the best Conor I have ever seen.”

Early on in the feet, Conor McGregor had some success. He landed a hard left hand that Poirier admitted after the fight stunned him. The Irishman didn’t look like he was out of the Octagon for a year and even won the first round.

Yet, in the second, Poirier’s leg kicks started to add up. He eventually went upstairs to KO McGregor and exact his revenge. Immediately after the loss, many wondered what the Irishman’s training camp was like. People also wondered if he was motivated. But, Kavanagh knows McGregor did everything he could.

With the loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, Conor McGregor still has options for his next fight. He could get the trilogy with “The Diamond” or have the long-awaited trilogy with Nate Diaz. Regardless, Kavanagh makes it clear, McGregor is determined on becoming a UFC champion again.

What do you make of John Kavanagh saying UFC 257 was the most dedicated and motivated Conor McGregor ever?

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