Jake Shields on Conor McGregor: ‘tries running his mouth about me again though and I see him, there’s gonna be consequences’

By Russell Ess - March 14, 2016

The beef between the Diaz and McGregor camps appeared to be over.

The Notorious one

However, since Nate Diaz finished Conor McGregor at UFC 196, there have been a few pokes from both sides and it is simply just fighters being fighters.

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Jake Shields, who is also a training partner of Nate Diaz recently spoke with Sherdog on the fight between Nate and Conor that went beyond the fighters and expanded to the two teams.

“Conor started talking crap about Nate, which I guess is understandable because you’re selling the fight, but he also started talking crap about people like me, his training partners, his boxing coach, calling him an old man,” Shields said. “And he’s mouthing off to me. He’s got to realize, I’m a 170-pounder; he’s a 145-pounder. He starts telling me he’ll strangle me. I’ll pick him up and I’ll choke him out no problem. He’s mouthing off like he thinks if he talks crap to people like us there’s no repercussions. I was glad Nate went and beat him up and got it settled.”

Shields has put closure to the fight with McGregor after Nate beat the featherweight champ. But, if Conor ever has bad things to say about him again, he says they will have their own fight and it won’t be in any ring or Octagon.

“At this point Nate beat him, so I’m not going to go and bash him. I’ll leave it at that,” Shields said. “If Conor tries running his mouth about me again though and I see him, there’s gonna be consequences. He has to realize in the real world you can’t just talk s—t about people and expect them to not come at you. We’re fighters. It’s not like I’m a journalist where I sit there and write and talk s—t. I’m a fighter. If another fighter is talking s—t about me and we’re not in the same weight class, I’ll just fight you when I see you.”

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