Chris Weidman says he will ‘dominate’ Luke Rockhold in rematch ‘and make sure everybody knows the last fight was a fluke’

By Russell Ess - March 14, 2016

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is anxious to show that the first loss of his career was just a stroke of luck for the newly crowned champion Luke Rockhold.

Weidman spoke with MMA Fighting recently and revealed his current state of mind with an immediate rematch with Rockhold booked for UFC 199, which takes place on June 4th.

“I know what I’m capable of,” Weidman said. “I know my potential and I know I wasn’t close to it. The fact that because of what I’ve accomplished in the past gives me the opportunity to get a rematch is a great situation to be in. In most situations, people don’t get the second chance, especially right away. So, I’m very grateful for the opportunity I have. There’s no question in my mind that I’m gonna go out there and make a statement, completely dominate him and make sure everybody knows the last fight was a fluke.”

News that Weidman had a broken foot just weeks out from the fight with Rockhold were not meant to be an excuse for losing. The former middleweight champ says that has had numerous injuries going into title fights and he still managed to come out victorious and thought the fight with Rockhold would be no different.

“I’ve taken situations like that and gotten through it and gotten Ws,” said Weidman. The former champ also mentioned that wrestling and footwork drills were unable to be completed in his last camp with the foot injury. “I thought it was gonna be another day like that and I was wrong.”

“I feel like he’s cocky and I gave him a bigger head and gave him something to be even more cocky about,” Weidman said. “It sucks for me. I’ve gotta suck it up. I got a chance to deflate the head. That’s the goal. I have to go back in there and feed him some humble pie.”

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