Freddie Roach breaks down Conor McGregor’s 13 second KO win

By bjpenndotcom - February 4, 2016

Back at UFC 194 Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds. The win was not only the biggest one of McGregor’s career, but also one of the biggest moments in combat sports history.

Conor McGregor KO

In the wake of the bout McGregor announced that he would be moving up to lightweight to challenge Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC lightweight championship. The bout was booked for UFC 197, which became UFC 196 after Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez pulled out of their main event bout at UFC 196.

On the other hand, Jose Aldo campaigned for an immediate rematch with McGregor, however UFC President Dana White didn’t seem to be too keen on giving Aldo an immediate rematch.

Famed boxing coach Freddie Roach spoke to FightHub to discuss McGregor’s win.

“The thing was, it was a great step back, because it’s like people say, ‘Don’t move back in a straight line,’ though, but if a guy follows you in that straight line, the thing is, it can be very effective. So what he did, he stepped back, but he set himself. [McGregor] was in the ready position and as Aldo picked his foot up and came to him, he knocked him out with a shot. I mean, it’s a very common shot in boxing, but something you teach your fighters not to make that mistake, of course.”


Conor McGregor