Video | Fighter breaks arm during slam in Combate Americas bout


An MMA fighter had their arm broken in gruesome fashion during a Combate Americas event that took place on Friday night in Lima, Peru.

Lightweight Milko Tucto took on Salvador Becerra in the first round of a tournament to determine the new Copa Combates America lightweight champion. It was during their fight that disaster struck, as Becerra was on the wrong end of an absolutely vicious slam that shattered his arm.

Check out the video below, courtesy of Caposa’s Twitter account.

As you can see, it was an absolutely nasty finish by Tucto, but obviously not one that he expected to get when he initiated the slam. Unfortunately for Becerra, he tried to use his arm to brace for impact during the slam attempt and it turned out to be a horrible decision for him as he ended up with a shattered arm for his troubles. The finish went viral for Combate Americas, though for all the wrong reasons.

Speaking of Combate Americas, this fight between Tucto and Becerra was part of a one-night, eight-man tournament to crown the Copa Combate Americas lightweight champion. Tucto ended up losing his next fight to Erick Gonzalez, who made it to the finals against former UFC featherweight Humberto Bandenay.

The winner of the tournament turned out to be Bandenay, who on paper was the most accomplished fighter in the bracket owing to his past UFC experience. The win gave Bandenay the Copa Combate Americans lightweight title and it earned him a title shot against Combate Americans lightweight champion Rafa Garcia.

But despite Bandenay’s impressive run through the field, the thing everyone is talking about from this Combate Americas tournament is the nasty arm break.

Where do you rank this injury stoppage due to an arm break in Combate Americas among the worst injuries you have ever seen in MMA?

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