EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington ‘100%’ sure that Rafael dos Anjos was cheating in their fight

By Drake Riggs - June 10, 2018

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Last night a new champion was crowned. That champion was none other than the outspoken American Top Team product, Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington.

Covington fought and defeated former UFC lightweight king, Rafael Dos Anjos in UFC 225’s co-main event to become the new UFC interim welterweight champion. Thus setting him up for a future date with the returning undisputed champion, Tyron Woodley.

Going the full five rounds and earning the unanimous decision with the scores of 49-46 and two 48-47s, Covington put up a relentless pace that Dos Anjos was unable to overcome. And despite getting the win, Covington was sure that his opponent attempted some dirty tactics over the course of their battle as he told BJPenn.com Radio.

“The gameplan was just beat him up. You know, strike, beat him up, take him down, beat him up. I know I’m the most well-rounded fighter on the planet. The UFC’s never seen someone like me. You don’t know how good I am until you’re in there with me. It’s a whole different level, so you know I knew I was going to beat him up on my feet. I was gonna take him down and beat him up, but my takedowns weren’t as effective because he was definitely greasing. He was 100% greased. Usually, when I get those body locks behind you, there’s no way to slip out, but I could feel him slipping off, you know. He’s just another filthy animal, cheater greaser.

I think before the fight he was putting [on] the coconut butter, whatever they do, and then the baby oil or whatever I’ve heard of, so he definitely was doing it, because I tried a couple shots on his legs and literally my hands slipped from up on his top leg to like his ankle, and he was like, able to slither through on somebody locks that I had, and it’s not sweat. I mean, I train every single day, I’ve wrestled my whole life, I know grips and I know positions and I know when you’re body is extra sweaty and greasy, and 100%, when I was shooting a couple takedowns, I could feel the grease on his back and on his legs.

I think he was getting desperate. I rocked him with a couple good shots and I could see his eyes roll to the back of his head, so he went for a quick shot, and it was good timing. He’s probably the first guy to ever take me down in the UFC, so he should put a little feather in his cap because he just let down all of Brazil and he’s definitely a public enemy in Brazil and all the world, man. Everybody wants to see me lose, but it ain’t happening. Man, I walk the walk, I talk the talk and I walk the walk.”

Covington landed 7 of his 18 attempted takedowns to Dos Anjos 3 of 6.

This win was the biggest of Covington’s 15 fight career and extended his current winning streak to six straight.




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