Colby Covington calls Werdum a ‘Filthy Animal’, Says he Took Tyron’s Soul

Colby Covington

Brazil isn’t Colby Covington’s favorite place. The UFC welterweight has been vocal about his displeasure towards the country following a tumultuous recent visit during which he defeated Brazilian native Demian Maia.

A post-fight speech aimed at the crowd elicited its fair share of criticism, none more than from former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum. The two were actually involved in a confrontation earlier this year which resulted in one of the strangest headlines in recent memory, on any beat.

Making matters worse, Covington is involved in a two-front war as he continues to prod UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the hopes of baiting the champ in two a fight. Woodley was recently involved in a series of rumors connecting him with a possible fight against Nate Diaz in a bizarre welterweight title match. Covington wasn’t thrilled to be cut in line by a man who is predominantly a lightweight and is coming off of a loss.

Most recently, Covington took to his Instagram page, live-streaming between gym sessions. Covington makes sure to mention both men, carefully managing the entities in his career that keep him on the tongues of MMA fans. “He felt what I did to him in the gym. I took his soul”, Covington states in his post, which was captured by MMAFocus.

Covington then turns his attention on to Werdum. “Brazil is a filthy dump, and all those filthy animals, especially Fabricio Werdum”, Covington says before proclaiming that he didn’t engage with Werdum during their boomerang altercation because he’s a prizefighter, not a street fighter.

How well this will work out for Covington has yet to be seen. With Woodley and UFC president Dana White on a perpetual rollercoaster of relationship woes, who knows when an agreement will be made for the champ’s return, let alone who that will return will be against.

This article first appeared on on 12/1/2017. 

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