Chael Sonnen claims Israel Adesanya has already surpassed fellow UFC champion Jon Jones: “He’s long put Jon Jones in the dust”

By Harry Kettle - July 25, 2023

MMA analyst Chael Sonnen believes Israel Adesanya has been able to surpass fellow UFC champion Jon Jones.

Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya

When it comes to Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones, their legacies have largely already been written. Both have been successful world champions in the UFC, and both have been through some real adversity along the way. Many see Jones as the greatest of all time, and Adesanya is certainly working hard to reach that point.


In recent years, they’ve developed something of a rivalry with one another. However, after their recent run-in, it seems as if any beef has finally been settled.

During a recent interview, Chael Sonnen gave his thoughts on how both men match up to one another.

“Jon Jones and Izzy, they’ve got this weird thing going back and forth,” Sonnen said. “They’re not going to fight. They’re separated not by one weight class, they’re [separated] by two weight classes. Well, wrong — there’s still a fight going on. They both want to claim that they’re the best and they’re both getting a lot of people to say that they are. That’s how this is going to be settled through history. It’s going to be settled by the people in a popular opinion.

Sonnen backs Adesanya

“Izzy’s beating him. What Izzy did [at UFC 290] and the attention that Izzy can command, and the hype that Izzy can command, the checks that he gets, the money and the dollars that he brings — he’s coming after [Conor] McGregor’s spot, I’m telling you now, and he’s long put Jon Jones in the dust. Jon Jones has never played that game — it’s going to be a mistake. Ten years from now, when you’re looking back and trying to tell the story, you’re not going to be saying Jon Jones. You’re going to be saying Adesanya.”

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