Chael Sonnen and Bellator MMA conference call recap: ‘I hope they book two guys for my debut because I know one will pull out’

By Russell Ess - September 16, 2016

Bellator MMA will be getting a ton of memorable quotes now that “The American Gangster,” Chael Sonnen has signed a multi-fight deal.

Chael Sonnen

The former UFC title contender and Bellator MMA President Scott Coker were on a conference call with the media on Friday, a day after the news of Sonnen’s signing was released by the Associated Press.

Sonnen said of his debut, “I’m on a legends ass kicking tour. I hope they book two guys for my debut because I know one will pull out.”

With deals as big as this, one would think it was a very long legal process considering that Sonnen was fresh off a two-year suspension and had last fought for the UFC. It apparently only took three simple phone calls with Coker to get the deal finalized.

Sonnen stated that he is looking to make his Bellator debut at light heavyweight, but it all depends on who the potential list of opponents includes.

“I’ve personally heard Fedor is coming to Bellator. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Sonnen also said that there is something between Tito Ortiz and himself that needs to be figured out in the cage.

If it was not obvious, Sonnen was not under any contract with the UFC when he signed with Bellator.

Sonnen said that the tipping point for him wanting to join Bellator was when Ken Shamrock walked out with Road Warrior Animal.

Regarding his contract term with Bellator, “The American Gangster” said he is in it for the long run with Bellator. Sonnen claimed something in the realm of a six-fight deal over three years.

Regarding his recent drug tests performed by USADA, Sonnen says that he had four tests, to which none came back with any problems.

Coker was questioned on Bellator’s drug testing policy and replied that Bellator abides by what the state athletic commissions rule.

Coker also added that Bellator does not have any immediate plans to hire a third party such as USADA for year-round drug testing of their athletes.

Regarding now being under the Bellator roster and having previously fought for the UFC, Sonnen says that he was proud to be with the UFC, and extremely proud to now be with Bellator and is looking to get back to setting records like had done in the past.

With being an analyst for ESPN and a commentator for WSOF, Sonnen stated that signing with Bellator will not affect any of those deals.

While Yahoo reported that it is obvious why Sonnen signed with Bellator, Sonnen stated that there will be consequences if he fails a drug test while fighting under Bellator in his contract.

“Chael says it’s in writing in his Bellator contract, if he fails a drug test, he will be fined 100 percent of his purse and fined $500k.”

Sonnen interestingly stated that he was given the opportunity to box Roy Jones Jr. in Abu Dhabi, but stayed true to his suspension under the NAC.

Sonnen said that he has been getting warm messages from everyone in the MMA community, even those from his past employer at the UFC.

As far as the fight with Wanderlei Silva that never got to happen, Sonnen says he will chase the Brazilian down.

As for the money, Sonnen says that he just wants to compete and that he has made a lot of money throughout his career already.


Chael Sonnen