Brendan Schaub questions if Francis Ngannou signing is a great deal for the PFL: “History would say no”

By Harry Kettle - May 19, 2023

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has called Francis Ngannou’s PFL deal into question after it was announced earlier this week.

Francis Ngannou

As most of us know, Francis Ngannou has officially signed with PFL. While some of the reactions from fans were mixed, a lot of fighters came out to voice their support for ‘The Predator’. In addition to fighting for PFL, he’ll also be allowed to venture into the boxing ring.


It’s a deal that could shake the very foundation of mixed martial arts as we know it. Still, even with it being such a big moment, there are always going to be those who have doubts.

That includes Brendan Schaub. In a recent reaction video, he let the world know what he thought about Ngannou’s switch.


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“It’s a long time coming,” Schaub said on Instagram. “Shoutout to Francis Ngannou. He said what he was gonna do, he set out to what he was gonna do, he got a lot of hate, a lot of pushback. His agent Marquel [Martin] and him got it done. Don’t forget Marquel. He was a big advocate in getting Francis to kind of go on this path that hasn’t been done before. Shoutouts to them, Francis, Marquel, the PFL for taking a chance on Francis.

“All of it’s all good. Biggest contract, guarantees his opponents $2 million, he gets a portion of the gate, pay-per-view percentage, guaranteed money, it’s completely game-changing for the sport of MMA. It’s huge. It’s massive. This is all good.

Schaub questions Ngannou

“My question is not with Francis, we know Francis got a great deal, so hats off to Francis,” he continued. “The question is, is it a great deal for the PFL? History would say no. The leagues that throw all this money at the fighters, Affliction, other leagues, they’re not around anymore. I don’t know if you can sustain a business model giving Francis all this money, all this power. I don’t know if it’s capable, I hope it is, I hope it works out. It would change the game forever.”

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