Patrick Mix expects to finish Albert Morales, blasts James Gallagher: “I put together an amazing camp to whoop his ass and he didn’t show up”

By Cole Shelton - May 5, 2021

Patrick Mix had a feeling James Gallagher wouldn’t end up fighting him.

Patchy Mix

At Bellator 258, Mix and Gallagher were booked to fight one another. Yet, just over a week before the fight, it was revealed the Irishman was out of the fight. For Mix, he wasn’t surprised when he got the news.

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“My reaction was, I kind of figured he would pull out and wouldn’t fight me. I just think that he is nervous, man and he didn’t want to fight me. James was then talking some nonsense of paying me to wait for him,” Mix said on Just Scrap Radio on “I get paid to fight, not to wait. I’m trying to fight, my main focus was I needed to fight on Friday. They offered me three or four different opponents and I said yes to all of them.”

After accepting every opponent offered, Mix will now face UFC veteran, Albert Morales on Friday night at Bellator 258. It’s an intriguing matchup and for Mix, he believes it’s a tougher fight than Gallagher would’ve been.

“It is just another face. He has done some great things in his career and he’s a harder fight than Gallagher,” Mix said. “Look at his level of competition compared to Gallagher’s, Gallagher fights tomato cans.”

Patrick Mix

Image Credit: Bellator MMA

Against Morales, Patrick Mix is confident he will get his hand raised and do so by stoppage. Once he does that, he says he will call out Gallagher as he says they have unfinished business.

“I want to do some damage, I want to get on top and land some elbows. I’ve been working so hard on my ground control,” Mix said. “My game is so more well-rounded, this fight on Friday will truly be my coming out party… My first step here is to finish Albert Morales, then I’ll fight Gallagher next month. I’m going to chase this guy down, finish him and call for Gallagher but chances are he might go running again. He didn’t luck out of this fight, I’m coming back and circling back around. Even if I have to go around the track, I’m coming to lap his ass, we got unfinished business. I put together an amazing camp to whoop his ass and he didn’t show up.”

When Mix and Gallagher do end up sharing the cage with one another, Mix is confident it would be a one-sided beatdown.

“I would rather knock him down to his ass, drop him the same way Ricky did, and slowly finish him. I would flatten his hips and break him. I’d posture up and pound the shit out of him,” Mix concluded.

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