Aoriqileng responds to ‘coward’ Cody Durden’s controversial post-fight comments

By Drake Riggs - November 23, 2021

Aoriqileng may not have come out on top at UFC Vegas 43 this past Saturday, but his opponent in Cody Durden did himself no favors following the victory.


When speaking to Daniel Cormier for his post-fight interview Durden finished off by saying, “I knew he was gonna be tough, but I had to send him back to China where he came from.”

Durden doubled down on his comments when speaking to the media backstage after his unanimous decision win. “If you don’t like it, do something about it,” he said.

On Monday, Aoriqileng responded to what unfolded immediately after their battle.

“I destroyed this coward in the cage, but the judges gave him a chance to say something disgusting through his disgusting mouth,” Aoriqileng said in an Instagram post. “He can do nothing in the fight, and I saw fear through his eyes. He is a coward.”

Although he came up short on the judges’ scorecards, Aoriqileng got the support of the fans according to 61.9 percent of the 42 votes were in favor of “The Mongolian Murderer” with 58.4 percent scoring it 29-28.

Durden would end up further explaining himself on Twitter later in the night. However, members of the community wound up shedding light on even more problematic verbiage from the flyweight.

“Listen, the guy was disrespectful, and wouldn’t shake my hand at the weigh-ins,” Durden tweeted. “After beating him, I simply meant he could go home wherever that may have been. I apologize if I offended anyone, that certainly was not my intention!! I love you all! See you at the top.”

The win for Durden (12-3-1) was his first in the UFC making him 1-1-1 while Aoriqileng has lost his first two (18-9).

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