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Andre Soukhamthath is Leaving Instagram Because UFC Fans are Awful

When Andre Soukhamthath took a one-legged Sean O’Malley down in their UFC 222 fight, he probably didn’t even think about it. He was just going off of instinct. It cost him the fight, but the punches keep coming long after that bell rang. People have been trolling the UFC fighter relentlessly since then and haven’t let up yet. He’s got so much abuse that he’s decided to take a leave of absence from social media.

Andre Soukhamthath

“I’m getting trolled right now by so many people. They are calling me the dumbest fighter in MMA. The dumbest fighter in UFC history. Even my friend Rashad [Evans]. Everyone is wondering why I decided to wrestle, and I’m wondering the same thing. After he rocked me, I still stayed in the fight but I was kind of dizzy and dazed afterwards. That shot really threw me off the rest of the game plan in the fight. I really wasn’t there. I think I was just fighting with instincts. I definitely regret it because I’m a striker first and a wrestler second.”Andre Soukhamthath speaking to ESPN.

Andre Soukhamthath shouldn’t feel so bad, this has happened to the best fighters on the planet. When Ronda Rousey was the brash, woman of destruction everyone loved her trash talk. After she lost, everyone turned on her for the same thing. The same thing happened with Joanna Jedrzejczyk and even Jon Jones after his mistakes outside of the Octagon.

This is how it is now. The only thing people love to see more than fighters succeed is fighters fail, so they can log on and criticize them or fling insults. One look at any comment section shows that no fighter is immune. Unfortunately, this is business as usual in our new era of social media. The mute and block button is your friend, Soukhamthath.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 3/14/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM