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Aljamain Sterling reacts to Michael Chandler’s comments on fighter pay: “Clearly, he doesn’t understand this”

Aljamain Sterling has given his reaction to Michael Chandler sticking up for the UFC over fighter pay.

Chandler recently appeared on the How U Livin J Piven podcast and urged UFC fighters complaining about fighter pay to take advantage of the freedom to make money outside of the promotion.

Aljamain Sterling believes that the point has been lost on Chandler. Sterling took to his YouTube channel to say that while he’s quite cordial with Chandler, he feels he isn’t taking into consideration UFC fighters who don’t have name value yet (h/t MMAFighting).

“I like Michael Chandler. He’s a cool dude, every time I see him he’s super cordial, no problems with him whatsoever. But I think it’s a little bit different and ill-advised for someone to be saying the things that he’s saying that are sort of discrediting all the other fighters out there.

“Michael Chandler fought for Bellator, he made a s*** ton of money for Bellator, he was a world champion in Bellator, [and] I think he was also a national champion at the Division I level, so he has all those things going for him. The average fighter comes up, they’re not a wrestler, they’re not a national champion, they didn’t become a Bellator champion, they don’t have all those credentials and accolades, they don’t come from money — I’m not saying Michael Chandler comes from money, I don’t know anything about his backstory, but he doesn’t understand the situation of the other fighters. Clearly, he doesn’t understand this, because he wouldn’t have said what he said if he did – the backstory of the other fighters that aren’t making the type of money that Michael Chandler is making, and that’s the difference.”

As Sterling mentioned, Chandler did establish himself as a major player before signing with the UFC. He was a three-time Bellator Lightweight Champion.

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