Jon Jones continues to go after Alexander Gustafsson on Twitter

Jon Jones, Alexander Gustafsson

Earlier this week, light heavyweight rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier finally found some common ground: a shared disdain for Swedish light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson, who they both hold a close decision victory over.

It all began when Jones went after Gustafsson for his comments on the JRE MMA Show.

“Beat me in three?” Jones said on Twitter, responding to Gustafsson’s comments. “Your hands were the only thing you had over me in our first fight. That gap is closing fast. Our first fight will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done inside of that octagon. You will never beat me, that’s my promise to you.”

Shortly thereafter, Cormier responded to Gustafsson with similar venom.

“Alex, what exactly have you accomplished in your career?” Cormier said in his response to Gustafsson. “I’ve earned the right to retire on top. Your greatest accomplishment is two close losses. Congrats on the new contract, now go fight. It’s been two years. Enough with the social media.”

Cormier’s response to Gustafsson then prompted a response from Jones, who shockingly said he enjoyed what his rival had to say.

“I don’t even like DC and I enjoyed this,” Jones said in response to Cormier’s attack on Gustafsson. “Too funny. Alex bring all your tough guy shit to the championship rounds next time.”

Since then, Cormier has been quiet, but Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson have continued to go at it.

“Coming from u man,” Gustafsson replied to Jones. “Being tough is going [through] the champ rounds without the ‘good stuff.’ Now step up and I’ll show u!!”

Jones then replied with a scathing, multi-part bombardment.

“Brilliant come back, just what I expected from you,” he began. “I guess Shogun, Rampage, Bader etc. could all use the same excuse now too. Do you look yourself in the mirror and call yourself champ now that ‘I cheated’?”

“Please tell me you convinced yourself that I was on steroids during our fight,” he continued in another Tweet. “Please tell me you convinced yourself I was ever on steroids.”

“The only ‘good stuff’ I used to send you packing was my big old American balls,” Jones concluded. “Try spending a little more time here, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.”

Do you think we’ll ever see a rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson?

This article first appeared on on 4/25/2018.

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