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Uriah Hall and Most Valuable Promotions get into heated exchange after ‘Primetime’ dubs Jake Paul a “tyrant”

Uriah Hall got into a heated debate with Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions during a social media exchange this week.

While he may never have lived up to the hype from his season of The Ultimate Fighter, Uriah Hall was still a valuable member of the UFC roster throughout his time with the company. He managed to register big wins along the way over the likes of Gegard Mousasi, Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, firmly establishing himself as a contender at middleweight.

Now, though, he’s ridden off into the sunset, with many wondering what he’s going to do next.

In terms of his MMA career that appears to be over after his retirement but with regards to getting into arguments online, he’s more than happy to keep doing that – as made clear by the following exchange after Jake Paul’s boxing match against Anderson Silva was announced.

Hall: “@spiderandersonsilva May all the gods grant you the strength to knock this Tyrant out of this existence because if you don’t do it I will.

MVP: “@uriahhall insult you? You are calling Jake Paul tyrant when he’s been focused on UFC fighter pay and health care. And if you want a social media account manager, sorry not happening.”

Hall: “@mostvaluablepromotions Am I supposed to feel some sympathetic way about this? You want to raise your argument? Then meet in person.”

Hall doesn’t feel like a big enough name to warrant getting a fight with someone like Jake Paul but given how much he was able to get under the skin of whoever runs the MVP Instagram account, you just never know.

What are your thoughts on the career of Uriah Hall? Do you have an official prediction for the upcoming Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight? Let us know down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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