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Tommy Fury shows off his powerful jab on punching machine ahead of Jake Paul fight (Video)

Tommy Fury has shown off the power of his jab during an amusing punching machine video ahead of his Jake Paul fight.

After well over a year of trash talk, this weekend, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will finally collide. They will meet in Saudi Arabia, serving as the main event of ‘The Truth’ event.

It’s a meeting that has been rearranged on several occasions, largely due to Fury pulling out. Alas, he seems ready to finally make it happen, as he attempts to shut up ‘The Problem Child’ once and for all.

We’ve seen a whole lot of silly gimmicks in the lead-up to Sunday night’s event. While that’ll mean nothing when they get in the ring, Tommy has still made time to put Jake down a peg or two on a punching machine.


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“Do you know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna use my jab because I don’t wanna scare him off too much. If I use my right hand, he might not show up. I’m praying for him.”

Fury went on to score 841 out of 999 on the machine.

“That’s what would happen in the ring, and that’s just with the jab. That’s the jab. That’s what I’m saying, if I threw the right hand, he wouldn’t be showing up.”

Fury gets ready for war

A lot of folks see Jake Paul as the favourite in this contest. Still, with Tommy being a member of the Fury family, we wouldn’t be so quick to count him out – even less so if he can bring this kind of power.

Are you excited to see Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul this weekend? What do you think is the most likely outcome? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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