Ryan Garcia confirms pre-fight antics were faked for Devin Haney boxing match: “I wasn’t going to budge for anybody”

By Josh Evanoff - April 23, 2024

Ryan Garcia was drinking during training camp for his boxing match with Devin Haney, but he was far from crazy.

Ryan Garcia knocks down Devin Haney

‘KingRy’ returned to the boxing ring over the weekend in New York against ‘The Dream’. Heading into the bout, Ryan Garcia was a massive betting underdog, and for good reason. In the build-up to his fight against Devin Haney, the boxer repeatedly made strange claims and was admittedly drinking and smoking in training camp.

Even during fight week, Ryan Garcia was seen at nightclubs drinking. In the end, it didn’t even matter. Garcia dominated Devin Haney on fight night, scoring three knockdowns across the 12-round bout. The boxing superstar earned a majority decision victory, and many questioned if the young fighter was as wild as he portrayed himself.

Speaking on the PBD Podcast, Ryan Garcia opened up on his pre-fight antics. There, the boxer admitted that he played up a lot of his antics for the camera. While he was smoking and drinking in camp, he wasn’t crazy, far from it. According to Garcia, he hatched the plan to act erratically months before facing Devin Haney.


Ryan Garcia opens up on pre-fight antics ahead of Devin Haney boxing match

“We had it pre-recorded months ago with what I said was going to happen. I said I’m about to make sure everyone thinks I’m about to go crazy.” Ryan Garcia responded to a question on the PBD Podcast, when asked if his pre-fight antics before facing Devin Haney were real. “I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that, it was going to be called ‘The Great Escape’. Like, I have it all documented. I was already planning it, weeks and months behind [the fight].”

He continued, “I don’t know what made me come up with the idea. Honestly one day I just decided to go all in, and just commit to the plan that I had and I was not going to budge for anybody. It didn’t matter if I went on anybody’s podcast, I was acting sporadic, like just going crazy… What was real though, I did drink a little in camp because I like to drink.”

While most of Ryan Garcia’s pre-fight comments were for hype, he did say one thing was real. During the podcast, ‘KingRy’ didn’t backtrack on previous claims about Bohemian Grove. Garcia claimed pre-fight that he had videos of children being abused at the private California club.

“There’s many stories on it, and there’s actually people who have come forward to me. There are actually really people on the front lines of all this, I’m in contact with them… I do have videos, yes we have videos. We’re going to go to Congress with it.”

What do you make of this news involving Ryan Garcia? Do you believe his comments about his behavior before facing Devin Haney in the boxing ring?

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