Mike Tyson’s trainer downplays health risk ahead of Jake Paul bout: “He knows how to fight”

By Josh Evanoff - March 18, 2024

Rafael Cordeiro doesn’t want fans to worry ahead of the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson boxing match.

Rafael Cordeiro, Mike Tyson

The longtime head of Kings MMA has developed quite a friendship with ‘Iron Mike’ over the years. In 2020, when Mike Tyson was looking to make a comeback to the ring, he began training with Cordeiro. In the years since then, the two have remained close, and the MMA trainer has held pads for the legend.

This summer, Rafael Cordeiro will look to coach Mike Tyson to his first victory in over two decades. Earlier this month, the boxing legend signed a deal to face Jake Paul, on July 20th on Netflix. The two will meet in front of 85,000 fans at AT&T Stadium in Texas, which is known for housing the Dallas Cowboys.

However, since the fight announcement, many have expressed concern for Mike Tyson. It makes sense, given the fact that the legend is now 57 years old. Still, he’s promised to score a knockout win over Jake Paul this summer, and his trainer is fully on his side. Cordeiro recently discussed the bout in an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

There, the MMA trainer tried to quell fears that Mike Tyson was going to get badly hurt this summer. Cordeiro stated that despite the legend’s age, he knows what he’s doing in the ring. That won’t change with Jake Paul standing across from him.


Jake Paul, Mike Tyson

Image via: @netflix on Instagram

MMA trainer Rafael Cordeiro opens up on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson boxing match

“I believe we don’t have to be concerned about it.” Rafael Cordeiro responded to Ariel Helwani‘s question about fans’ concern for Mike Tyson ahead of his boxing match with Jake Paul. “We’re talking about a two-time world champion. The guy didn’t have 20 fights in two years, he knows how to fight. He’s fought against the best guys in the world. When he steps inside the ring he knows what to do.”

He continued, “It’s not something new for Mike, and this fight is no different. He works hard every single day to go in there and try to knock Jake out from the beginning to the end. This is his style, nobody has teach Mike Tyson how to fight. He’s going to prove that in July. You can see fire in his eyes when he trains, and he will never give less than that.”

“I truly believe it is going to be a great show.” Rafael Cordeiro concluded, speaking about Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson. “Mike is going to step into the ring as the old Mike Tyson, and he’s going to try and knock out Jake from the beginning to the end.”

What do you make of these comments from Rafael Cordeiro? Will you watch Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson in July?