VIDEO | Manny Pacquiao Tried to Get to Conor McGregor Through Bruce Buffer

Conor McGregor

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Conor McGregor decides to do next. UFC interim lightweight champion is expecting to unify his belt against the man, meanwhile he’s got a list of boxers wanting to do business with him. Floyd Mayweather was quick to shoot down rumors of him coming into the UFC, while Manny Pacquiao wanted to get McGregor back in the boxing ring. The Irishman himself claims it is an MMA fight that’s next, so Bruce Buffer brings up the idea of Pacquiao meeting the champ in the Octagon instead.

“All respect to Manny Pacquiao, one of my favorite boxers of all time. I think, for me personally, the [Floyd] Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight was the fight that we all enjoyed and got our $100 worth of entertainment. I would rather much see Conor get back into MMA. It excites me much more. I mean, let’s see a boxer want to step up and fight under MMA rules and fight Conor in the Octagon, and it might be another tremendously huge payday.”

“Quite frankly — honestly Manny Pacquiao — if you know about his training and his background, who knows? It could be a possibility, you never know. That to me would be a mega fight. Stepping in the Octagon and fighting Conor. Conor has already stepped into the squared ring. Maybe its time for someone with major status in boxing to step into the Octagon. I’ve had some of Manny’s friends call me and say, ‘Can you talk to Conor’s management?’ I’ve had that happen over the last six months. It’s not my position to do that. I told them, ‘You guys know who to call. Call the right people.’ Money talks and people walk.” — Bruce Buffer speaking to TMZ Sports.

We missed out on Conor McGregor fighting MMA in all of 2017, so will we see him inside the cage in 2018? At this point, he doesn’t really need to do either boxing or mixed martial arts. The indifference and power a $100 million boxing bout grants a UFC fighter is the likes that no one has ever seen. The only thing for certain is that McGregor has options on top of options. Perhaps with money being no object now, he’ll decide on the less-lucrative route of defending his UFC lightweight title and we can welcome Conor McGregor back to his home.

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