BREAKING VIDEO | Conor McGregor Drops Huge News About His Next Fight

dana vs. conor

He’s the multi-million dollar mad man at the at the top of the combat sports world. After ripping two titles out of the hands of UFC champions and making history, he walked away from MMA on paternity leave. Oh, and boxed probably the greatest boxer of our generation to make more money than he’s made in his entire career fighting in a cage. Everyone wondered when and where he’d return. Would it be boxing Manny Pacquiao? Or would he strut back home and face one of the many men waiting for him back in the Octagon. The answer seems to be the UFC.

“We’ll see what happens. I think a true fight is what I want to do next. A real fight. Exactly, what’s a real fight? MMA next. F-ck WWE.” — Conor McGregor said speaking to TMZ.

Shrugging off boxing and even sending a message to swat down WWE rumors, Conor McGregor has finally said it will be an MMA fight next. Still, with McGregor, each answer just creates more questions. Fighting in the UFC is just part of the battle, when he could fight anyone from UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson to unify the titles, or some superfight with Georges St-Pierre. Not to mention Nate Diaz pacing around waiting for a fight that will give him the pay day he wants, which only one man can grant. Either way, if this is true, welcome back Conor McGregor. Things are more fun when you’re around.

“My focus is getting back into the right ring or octagon. 2017 was historic. I have transcended both the sport of MMA and boxing. At this stage of my career, as it has been for the majority of my UFC career, potential opponents must lobby for fights with me. We could see Conor McGregor anywhere. I run the fight game, the fashion game, the whiskey game, or whatever the next business endeavor might be. I have every intention of fighting in 2018 if my compensation and business development endeavors accurately reflect my influence on combat sports.” — Conor McGregor speaking to Betsafe via The MacLife.

This article first appeared on on 12/16/2017.

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