Logan Paul reveals lofty goal of simultaneously holding 3 major titles in three different sports

By Susan Cox - June 7, 2023

WWE star Logan Paul is revealing a lofty goal of simultaneously holding 3 major titles in three different sports.

Logan Paul

The founder of the highly successful PRIME sports drink, Logan Paul, announced earlier this week that Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski have become the ‘first official PRIME athletes.’

Taking to ‘Twitter’ Paul stated:

“The first official PRIME athletes. Welcome to the family Stylebender and Alex Volkanovski.”

Paul, speaking in a new episode of ‘Impaulsive’ sat down with Israel Adesanya and shared his dream of holding three major titles at the same time:

“I might just have to do a UFC fight.”

To which Adesanya replied:

“Just one — you’ll do one. I know you’ll do one. Even Jake will do one. It’s about finding the right opponent that’ll sell.”

Logan Paul continued:

“I had this idea one day. I said to myself, I don’t think there’s ever been a simultaneous WWE, UFC and boxing champion at the same time.”

Elaborating, the 28-year-old said:

“Here’s what happened: in my head, I’m an optimist, I’m an idealist, I have visions in the shower, too. I said to myself … I could probably do WWE, I feel confident I can get a WWE Championship. I’m confident I could do it. Boxing, one of the lower-tier? There’s a 100 different (belts), what is a real boxing championship nowadays?”

“I ran I into a problem with the UFC championship, because you! Because you’ve got the belt. I won’t do it!”

Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion, responded (h/t MMAMania):

“I like you, I respect what you’re doing. Because against all odds, against the naysayers saying you can’t because they don’t even know your background, you still say ‘f**k it, imma do it anyway. And you did it. Even (the Floyd Mayweather) fight, I was not excited for that fight. I was like ‘What the f**k is that? What the f**k.’ You should not be in the ring with him.”

“But, guess what? You were. And I found myself the day before getting excited.”

Kudo’s to Paul for aiming high. The likelihood of him ever becoming a UFC champion may be farfetched, but if there’s anyone who could try and make it happen, it would be Logan Paul.

What do you think of Paul’s goal of attaining 3 major titles in 3 different sports?

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