Logan Paul says boxing is easier than mixed martial arts: “MMA’s f*cking hard”

Logan Paul
Image Credit: Logan Paul's Instagram

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul says that boxing is easier than mixed martial arts, saying that he believes that “MMA’s f*cking hard.”

Paul makes his second walk into the boxing ring as a professional when he takes on the legendary Floyd Mayweather this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Speaking on Showtime ahead of this weekend’s big fight, Paul was asked why he decided to go into boxing instead of pursuing mixed martial arts. Before he turned to boxing, Paul was a high-school wrestler and was said to be very good on the mats. But so far, Paul has remained focused on boxing and not MMA, and there’s a reason for that, as Paul thinks MMA is hard.

“I didn’t choose boxing, boxing chose me. Seriously, I got challenged to box. I answered that challenge and then kind of fell perfectly into the sport. Truthfully, boxing’s a bit easier on the body than MMA. MMA’s f*cking hard,” Paul said (via MMAFighting.com).

“I got bad knees. I’m old now. I’m aging. My upper body’s strong. My upper body always has been strong. I got dense-ass bones. I’m in like the top half-percentile in bone density. My strength is all here. MMA is tough. The lower body knows.”

Paul recently said that he plans on fighting in MMA at some point, but once again he believes that it’s a harder sport than boxing based on all the wear and tear to the body.

“Yeah, absolutely. I actually think I’d probably be better at MMA because of my wrestling background. I will say it’s a tough sport. It’s harder than boxing. MMA fighters are legitimate, all around, 360-degree fighters. I’ve had some knee issues on both knees and it’s rough on the body. But I can’t not do at least one MMA fight before I die, at least one. If I win, I’d probably do another,” Paul said.

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