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Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley tattoo revealed for loser of boxing match (Photos)

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley made an interesting tattoo bet and now the sketch of it has been revealed.

At their press conference, Paul proposed a bet that the loser of the fight would have to get a tattoo. If Paul wins, Woodley would get an ‘I love Jake’ tattoo, while if Woodley wins, Paul would get a ‘I love Tyron’ somewhere on their body.

Now, ahead of their boxing match on Sunday, Paul revealed he is flying a tattoo artist to be ringside in Cleveland. He says the loser will get the tattoo right after the fight. The tattoo artist revealed the mockups on her Instagram.

“I have a tattoo artist coming to the fight,” Paul revealed to MMAFighting. “When he loses, I’m sending her right into his locker room to get the tattoo going cause I want no excuses out of him. He’s a man. He shook on it in front of the world. He has to live up to it.”

Woodley, meanwhile, says if he wins, he will allow Paul to not get the tattoo if he pays him the right price.

“I’ll let him negotiate it,” Woodley said to MMAFighting about what Paul would need to do to not get the tattoo. “If he doesn’t want to get the tattoo, he’ll have to pay me a nice bag because it was his bet. So we can stop it for a bag. Either you get the tattoo, or you give up some cash and donate it to my charity.”

Although the tattoo artist is flying to Cleveland to tattoo either Jake Paul or Tyron Woodley, it’s unlikely the loser will want to get it right after they lost, especially if they got knocked out. However, a bet is a bet and many are hoping whoever loses does keep their word and gets the tattoo.

What do you make of the tattoo for either Jake Paul to Tyron Woodley?

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