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Jake Paul offers Jorge Masvidal $5 million to box him, “Gamebred” responds

Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal have continued to take shots at one another.

After Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley last Saturday he called out Masvidal to fight him and “Gamebred” issued a video responding to the challenge. Now, days after his win, Paul was on his brother Logan’s podcast ‘Impaulsive’ where he offered Masvidal $5 million plus pay-per-view points to fight him.

“Masvidal was like, ‘I either fight the best people or I fight for money. And you’re neither of those. You ain’t paying the right amount of money.’ Masvidal, I have an offer for you right now, $5 million guarantee, plus percentage of pay-per-views,” Paul said on Impaulsive. “That’s the most you would have ever have made as a fight, ever. So now you can’t say, ‘I either fight the best people or I fight for money.’ $5 million guarantee, plus pay-per-view. Let’s make it happen. That’s the most you have ever gotten paid. Period, time triple. Daddy Dana just has to let you out of your contract. You work for the UFC. You’re a b***h basically.”

Shortly after the podcast went live and people began tweeting the clip, Jorge Masvidal responded to Jake Paul and scoffed at his offer.

“1. The ufc isn’t gonna let me go for chump change. 2. Make that 20 guaranteed plus Ppv and I’m sure the ufc will be ok with it as long as I break them off their fee and then I’ll gladly break your face,” Masvidal wrote. “If the ufc still says no because the money is still too low then come over to the ufc, sign a 1 fight deal and we can stipulate I can only box in the cage. If i do anything other than that I will forfeit my purse to you. Come on over and get paid and laid out.”

Jorge Masvidal does have a point that he is under UFC contract and given Dana White’s dislike for Jake Paul, it’s unlikely he would let ‘Gamebred’ out of his UFC contract. Yet, if he does, Masvidal vs. Paul would be one of the biggest fights of 2022.

Would you like to see Jake Paul vs. Jorge Masvidal?

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