Brendan Schaub defends Chael Sonnen following battery citations: “This is not a case of Chael hitting his wife like Jon (Jones) did”

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Brendan Schaub weighs in on the recent battery citations against Chael Sonnen

Brendan Schaub has come to the defense of Chael Sonnen, this after ‘The American Gangster’ was slapped with five battery citations in Las Vegas.

Sonnen was detained & charged by police with five battery citations after he allegedly roughed up five men in ‘Sin City’.

The former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub after speaking with Chael Sonnen, has addressed what transpired during said altercation in his latest episode of his ‘Below the Belt podcast:

“So I think by Chael doing this, it just adds to the legend of Chael Sonnen. He was protecting his girl. And for that dumbass who got absolutely annihilated by the great Chael Sonnen, you deserved it man. And that’s what you get.”

Brendan Schaub continued:

“This is not a case of Chael hitting his wife like Jon [Jones] did. I think they dropped the charges. This is not a case of Chael Sonnen being high and wrecking his Bentley with strippers in the car. This is not the case of Chael domestic violence in any facet. And I think everyone should hold their judgement to get more details.”

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Schaub proceeded to give a further detailed account of Sonnen’s own version of the incident. Apparently Chael was with his wife in a Las Vegas hotel when a man, unknown to them, began making lewd comments about her. Schaub continued his comments, representing his opinion that the man had it coming to him:

“Here’s what happened. Chael Sonnen was obviously working and he was with his wife and his wife is a f*cking saint and also a dime piece. And some drunk guy with his girl kept making comments about his wife, saying about her t**s, her a**, right in front of him. Well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, cause you are talking and disrespecting one of the toughest guys on the planet and definitely one of the toughest ever to compete in the UFC or Bellator for that matter. And you’re doing it in front of his face, then there’s gonna be repercussions. And any guy that wanted to do that for their girl/ladies you got a girlfriend.”

It remains unknown whether we will be hearing from Chael Sonnen directly. A public records request for the police report in Sonnen’s case is also pending. What are your thoughts on the charges against ‘The American Gangster’? Let us know in the comment section PENN Nation!

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