Jake Paul “has a good chance” to beat Tyron Woodley, says Roy Jones Jr.: “He knows how to box”

By Adam D Martin - June 7, 2021

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. believes that YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul “has a good chance” to beat Tyron Woodley in their boxing match.

Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul

Paul meets Woodley on August 28 in the biggest boxing match of Paul’s career to date. After knocking out Woodley’s teammate Ben Askren in his last fight, the matchup with Woodley became hotly rumored and it will now happen later this summer. Paul is the slight favorite to get the win in the fight according to the sportsbooks, although there are still many fans who believe that Woodley is going to smoke him. Regardless of what happens in this fight, it has all the makings of one of the most highly-anticipated fights of the summer.

Speaking to TMZ Sports ahead of the Paul vs. Woodley matchup, the boxing legend Jones Jr. was asked who he thinks will win the fight. As far as Jones Jr., goes, Paul has a very good chance to win this fight because, one, he’s a good boxer, and two, because the blows from being hit with boxing gloves are different from being hit by four-ounce MMA gloves.

“Well, (Paul) has a good chance because he has a decent boxing background. He’s been training with some good guys and he knows how to box. Boxing with the gloves on is a different thing so him fighting Tyron Woodley is good. But Tyron Woodley also has a good boxing background. So it depends on who has the better background, who has the better teachers. Because if you have a background, then somebody could tune you up pretty easily. I mean you gotta have a background, if you don’t have a background, you’re probably getting tuned up,” Jones Jr. said.

“You got boxing gloves, those blows are a little different than MMA gloves. What will determine the outcome is who can deliver the better blows with boxing gloves on. Because punching with boxing gloves on and punching with MMA gloves on is two different things.”

Do you agree with Roy Jones Jr. that Jake Paul has a good shot at beating Tyron Woodley?

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