Vitor Belfort slams “Fake Paul” for running from him: “The biggest talker of all time”

By Susan Cox - February 10, 2023

Vitor Belfort is slamming ‘Fake Paul’ for running from him.

Vitor Belfort

‘The Phenom’ (26-14 MMA) retired from the UFC back in 2018, after a TKO loss to Lyoto Machida (26-12 MMA) at UFC 224.

The 45 year old is wanting to be Jake Pauls’ first fight in the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

Jake Paul signed a multi-year contract with the PFL in early January of this year. The 25 year old holds a professional boxing record of 6-0 with four knockouts. ‘The Problem Child’ plans on fighting mixed martial arts in 2023 in a division called ‘PFL Super Fight’.

Vitor Belfort spoke about Jake Paul with ‘MMA Junkie Radio’ and didn’t hold back:

“People are just handing him money. I know he got like seven figures just to do this marketing deal. I know the guy is a marketing genius and a great YouTuber, but you guys know who’s the real fighter. He’s not a real fighter. He just talked his way there and people give him money. He’s smart. He’s a great businessman.”

Belfort wants to fight Paul in the PFL cage and meet him halfway in a modified boxing rule set.

“They just signed the biggest talker of all time. People are fed up. That guy has been running away from me for so long. Now I’m going to be there. They better have that contract to sign because I’ll fight him all day long. … His manager, the guy Nikisa (Bidarian), he’s been sending me text messages. I can take my hat off to these guys – they’re printing money. (PFL founder) Don Davis gave that guy a lot of money. Now Don Davis, the MMA community wants PFL to put me and Jake Paul to box in the PFL cage.”

Continuing Vitor Belfort claims Jake Paul ‘has to fight me’:

“Right now, there’s no excuse for this not to happen, and I promise you guys this thing will not happen because Jake Paul got his $10 million in his pocket, and he’s walking away. And guess what? Now he keeps printing money and fighting whoever he wants. It’s a mess. We have to get this straight. That guy has to fight me and there’s no way out.”

Concluding, Belfort said his challenge to ‘Fake Paul’ will take place today:

“Don’t miss Friday. I’m going to be challenging ‘Fake Paul.’ He better (respond). We’re going to see if PFL just gave him the check. He’s going to be walking away with a bag of money that they give him. I hope he can put his mouth where he signs, and you guys cannot miss that. That boy, he’s a good businessman. He’s printing money easy. Let’s give him a real fight.”

Vitor Belfort is going to be a celebrity judge at the PFL’s Challenger Series event today, Friday February 10th which streams on Fubo Sports.

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