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“No, they put a lot of words into my mouth all the time and they…

4.7.12@10:01 AM
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“Am I really getting booed right now? Is this really happening?” he said, recounting his…

4.7.12@9:42 AM
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It’s no secret that the UFC is the largest MMA promotion in the world. The…

2.8.12@2:52 PM
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The UFC and Bellator went head to head for the first time earlier this month…

9.21.12@5:52 PM
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Despite expressing his dislike for Alistair Overeem as a training partner, Anthony Johnson did defend…

9.9.12@5:03 AM
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“If you look at our past, we have always believed in female fighting. Whether it…

8.18.12@5:16 PM
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“It doesn’t bug me, if anything it motivates me. The fact that I’m being looked…

10.19.12@12:13 PM
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Fighters have always carried nicknames. Most of them fit their persona, some do not, and…

5.16.12@2:39 PM
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