Stephan Bonnar explains recent hospital videos, denies having a drug problem


UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar explained the recent hospital videos that he posted, while also denying that he has a drug problem.

Bonnar recently posted a series of videos of him at the hospital, where he was trying to get pain medication to treat the fractured lumbar vertebrae that he recently injured in a pro wrestling match. It’s far from the first injury that Bonnar has suffered as he has dealt with numerous ailments in his career. According to “The American Psycho,” however, he was not given treatment at the hospital in Las Vegas due to not being vaccinated against COVID-19, and that’s when he decided to take to his social media to post the videos that he did.

Speaking to’s Steven Marrocco, Bonnar was asked about the incident at the hospital, and he did not take kindly when the scribe asked if he is addicted to opiates.

“Are you f*cking kidding me? Let me f*cking fracture your lumbar vertebrae and see how you feel two weeks later, and also break your wrist, and also f*ck your shoulder up and you’re crutching around on it. Like, c’mon man. Really, I’m being honest here. ‘Do you have a problem?’ F*ck you. That’s what I’m talking about,” Bonnar said.

According to Bonnar, “he has been taking 30 mg oxycodone daily in addition to tramadol, Kratom and marijuana to deal with chronic pain.” Bonnar also said that UFC president Dana White himself said that he had broken the record for most surgeries in the promotion. However, the UFC severed ties with Bonnar after he tested positive for PEDs following his 2012 fight against Anderson Silva. He briefly fought for Bellator but has not competed in MMA since 2014, though he has been involved in doing pro wrestling since then. Unfortunately, he has also been involved in several incidents with the police, as well.

What do you think Stephan Bonnar needs to do in order to turn his life around?

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