VIDEO | Wrestling legend Ric Flair reveals the alarming cause of his recent hospitalization and surgery

By Russell Ess - September 22, 2017

Wrestling legend Ric Flair gave all of his fans a scare as he was recently hospitalized and had to undergo surgery to save his life.

While the reason and condition for Flair’s hospitalization were unknown at the time, “The Nature Boy” explained things recently on the Dan LeBatard Show.

“10 days of life support, it’ll wake you up man,” said Flair.

When asked what happened to cause him to be in such a critical situation, “The Nature Boy” paused before being able to explain the problem.

“I’m not even gonna chance to explain this to you guys but I just drank too much. The problem is, when I started in the business in 1972, we drove 3000 miles a week, we drank beer, rode down the road, threw the cans out the window and all this stuff. No cops, know what I mean, it was just a way of life. And then pretty soon it was drinking the beer then getting to the hotel and then drinking liquor and then not to be confused with the two, I never drank before I worked and that was like even when we had double shots, I wouldn’t have a beer if I had to wrestle twice the same day in between matches.

“After a couple hour broadways, which are hour-long matches, you can imagine what I tied myself on to after that. So, getting ready for the next day and I just did it and it became a way of life. Never confused the two, never drank when I was working.”

Ric Flair

While Flair made it clear that he never mixed drinking with work, he calculated that he was having about 20 drinks per day. Interestingly, Flair said that he felt sick after eating some raw oysters and within a few days of being taken to the hospital was on life support after experiencing multiple organ failures.

“Kidney failure, congestive heart failure, adrenal failure, I mean everything shut down,” said Flair. “The joke was with the doctors, the only thing that was alive and kicking, sitting at the bar waiting for me was my liver. My liver was completely normal. He (the doctor) said, ‘You’re a strange dude.’ Everything else was gone but my liver was sitting there.”

“It’s an experience I wouldn’t want anybody to go through,” Flair added.

While Flair said he won’t be drinking anymore, his friends, family, and fans surely let out a good “Woooooo” for him on his way to recovery.

on 9/22/2017.

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