VIDEO | Nick Diaz: “I’m ready to fight!” – Wants To Whoop Johny Hendricks

“I’m ready to go, I’m ready to fight. It’s a good time, seasonally. I’m kind of seasonal. Right now, this summer, this whole year, a fresh start, I’m ready to fight. I think I can win. I’ve had pretty good training this year, regardless no fights, no camps. I’ve jumped in and out of other camps. I put a couple days in on Jake’s camp. Not too much, I had to travel a lot… No, I haven’t (talked to White). I don’t know how Dana feels about any of this.”

On Hendricks vs. Lawler decision:

“Maybe they want me to fight Johny Hendricks. Take an ass whooping right to your face, bro, worse than tonight. You got your ass whooped, all four rounds. I need a title fight, a real fight. Let the fans see what they want to see. I want to fight for the title.”

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