Top 10 Bloodiest UFC Fights: I think you need to go to the hospital

By bjpenndotcom - December 27, 2015

Some of the greatest fights in combat sports history involved the quickest Ko’s and slick submissions that would make your head spin, these are not the fights where someone got caught seconds into the fight.  These are the warriors who prepared for battle and delivered with blood, sweat and tears.

For some uneducated fans and even law makers, the sight of blood turn some fans off.   Blood is every part of this sport and acts as a variable to how a fight may play out.  Cuts will create issues with sight when blood runs into the eyes, most fighters won’t typically train for visual impairments which plays an enormous role in the fight.

Check out the fighters who gave it their all, well maybe a few pints to make this the bloodiest UFC video.

Enjoy the video.

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