Jose Aldo reveals interesting contract stipulation in Conor McGregor fight

By Russell Ess - January 13, 2016

Just over a month has passed since former UFC no. 1 pound-for-pound fighter Jose Aldo lost for the first time in over ten years. Conor McGregor took the UFC featherweight championship belt from Aldo in a 13-second knockout fight that left people in awe.

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Aldo recently spoke with PVT and revealed some interesting things leading up to his fight with McGregor and his mindset on the future (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

“Right after the fight, Dana went to the locker room and told us our next fight would be against Frankie Edgar for the belt, because Conor would move up for the lightweight division since he couldn’t cut weight anymore,” Aldo told PVT. “I want a rematch with (McGregor), of course, especially because there was no fight. None of us fought, it was just a punch that he was able to connect and won the fight. Okay, congratulations, but it wasn’t what everyone expected. But I don’t live focused on that, I’m focused on the future.

“If it’s a rematch or a title fight, it doesn’t matter, but, of course, one day we will fight again, and I know I will beat him, I know I can do it. My next step, like I said, I can’t see other fight, and I won’t accept another fight if it’s not for the belt.”

Interestingly, Aldo said that if he would have won the fight against McGregor, it would be him moving up to the lightweight division.

“When we signed the contract, the intention was that the winner would fight at lightweight, but we would need to abandon the featherweight belt,” he said. “That was the plan, that’s what they told us. If we fought at lightweight, win or lose, and then had the opportunity to fight at featherweight again, it would be for the title immediately.”

McGregor has said that he will not relinquish his featherweight title and will challenge Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight title to possibly become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two division belts at the same time. Aldo says that it is only because he feels like McGregor is making the decisions over the UFC.

“I think they gave him too much power, let him grow a lot, and he’s playing now, calling the shots more than the others,” Aldo said. “I think that’s wrong, no one ever did that. It doesn’t matter if it’s about money or not at this point, what matters is show who calls the shots, who’s the boss, and not just a piece of s–t talking about things you see. He doesn’t deserve to be where he is. I’ve always respected all the merits, but he had more luck than merits.”

Do you think that Conor McGregor is the one calling the shots with the UFC right now? Share your thoughts on Aldo’s opinions in the comments!

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