Interview Video: Chris Weidman “Careful about my choices now”

By bjpenndotcom - December 6, 2015


Chris Weidman sits down with Robin Black of armBar and discusses over coffee and lunch some of the less pressing and non-repetitive questions that a champion would normally need to answer.  This candid interview gives you a different look at the champ when he’s not knocking people out.

The champ (13-0 MMA) is calm cool and collected heading into UFC 194 with less than a week away, and he can’t be doing to bad on his weight by the looks of that sandwich.

Luke Rockhold (14-2 MMA) is looking to take the middleweight belt from Weidman and he has just the tools to possibly upset the champ.
Do you see Weidman defending the belt? Does Weidman reuse his gum on his coffee lid? Enjoy the Video.