Inside The Camp of Jose Aldo: Jose will retire after UFC 194 his teamate suggests.

By bjpenndotcom - December 8, 2015


Jose Aldo is days away from the largest fight of his life, so why is four time Shootboxing World tournament champion and Aldo teammate Andy Souwer saying that “Scarface” is calling it quits? In the video gives you all the details how Souwer sheds light on Aldo’s possible retirement.

MMA Plus TV sits down with Souwer, here is a part of the video interview:

Interviewer: Regardless of win or lose, do you think this is the last time we see Jose Aldo in the Octagon?
Andy Souwer: To be honest, yeah I think. Yeah, I think so.
Interviewer: If he wins, step away on top?
[Souwer nods]
Interviewer: I think if we look at everything that happened with Dana and the UFC… [Souwer nods] and the way they spoke about Aldo. He seemed like a man scorned and a man hurt because he put his life for that organization.
Andy Souwer: Yes. That’s true. So I think he’s done with it. And ready. I will agree. Whatever he is thinking, it’s his decision. But I think it will be good for him.

Will the man who has reigned supreme in the featherweight division retire win/lose come July 12th? Check out the details in the video, enjoy.

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