Video | MMA fighter KOs opponent with flying knee at weigh-ins

MMA flying knee
Via: FistFights7 on Instagram

In one of the most insane weigh-in moments you’re ever likely to see, an MMA fighter knocked his opponent out cold with a flying knee.

It’s become pretty common for weigh-ins to get heated throughout the mainstream history of mixed martial arts and while bigger promotions may have a better handle on things, there are still instances in which things can go wrong at any given moment. After all, these are professionally trained fighters we’re talking about here.

In an interaction between two unknown competitors at Zames Fight Club, we saw something truly bizarre as a flying knee left one individual seeing stars.

MMA fighters will do just about anything in the name of hyping themselves up before a big fight but it’s safe to say this was probably taken a bit too far. If Dana White is watching, you can bet he’s going to be even more cautious knowing that such an incident probably isn’t quite as rare as we all would’ve liked to believe.

Do you think we’ll ever see anything like this flying knee replicated at a UFC weigh-in event? If so, what would be the repercussions for the fighters involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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