Video | Lamar Odom KO’s Aaron Carter in celebrity boxing match

Lamar Odom, Aaron Carter
Lamar Odom KO's Aaron Carter

Former NBA star Lamar Odom said he was “excited to KO” Aaron Carter in their celebrity boxing match and that is exactly what he did.

Odom and Carter squared off in a exhibition boxing match this evening, which saw former UFC champion Chuck Liddell serving as the guest referee.

Ahead of the matchup, Lamar Odom shared the following prediction for the bout with TMZ.

“I could really give a f*ck. I’m prepared. I don’t know who’s he’s sparring against, but I know my gym is full of guys that can fight, and I’ve been sparring and I have a really good trainer. He’s been talking sh*t but I’m going to put him to sleep early. I don’t know what round I’m going to knock him out in. I asked his girlfriend yesterday, what round do you wanna wake him up in? She didn’t answer,” Odom said.


Lamar Odom weighed in at 239.5 pounds for the fight, while Aaron Carter tipped the scale at a mere 175 pounds. With that said, the former NBA talent was tapped as the large betting favorite to emerge victorious.

As oddsmakers predicted, Odom had no trouble disposing of the pop star in Carter this evening.

Check out the fight highlights below (via Twitter):

Neither Odom or Carter had previous boxing experience, and that proved evident in tonight’s exhibition bout.

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