Video | 3 on 1 MMA match in Poland turns out exactly how you would expect

3v1 MMA fight
Via: @Grabaka_Hitman on Twitter

If you want to watch something utterly mad happen in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), heading to Poland is probably a good idea.

In addition to KSW, often regarded as one of the best MMA promotions in Europe, Poland is the home of some really wacky events. From celebrities squaring off to new innovations previously never seen before at the elite level, they’re always looking to find interesting ways of reinventing the sport.

Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it fails but either way, we think everyone needs to catch a glimpse of this bizarre 3v1 MMA fight that went down at Elite Fighters in Rzeszow.

Check out the highlights below via Caposa on Twitter:

The solo competitor, known here as Kung Fu Panda, was faced with the daunting challenge of fighting three men at the same time. Miłosz Włodkowski, Maciej Szwech, and Norbert Grązka were always going to win the bout barring some kind of miracle and in the end, they went with the sort of strategy we’d probably all opt for in a similar situation: two men hold him down whilst the other lands heavy blows before the fight is stopped.

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