Mayhem Miller Apologizes to Uriah Hall for his ‘Ghetto’ Behavior

The media seems to only cover Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller when he’s doing something wrong. I actually find it troubling that the banished UFC fighter’s public apology to Uriah HAll has yet to be picked up by anyone other than us here at BJPENN.COM.

Sure, Mayhem has done his fair share of damage to his public persona, but the majority of his press is unconfirmed and no one really knows the true story behind his career fallout.

At any rate, before I climb up too high on my ‘Mayhem’ Miller soapbox, let’s just share his recent comments towards redeeming his majorly hit public image.

Check it:

If for some reason you don’t know what Jason is apologizing far, start here and get caught up!

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