Invicta FC’s Stephanie Eggink Talks About Her Upcoming Title Fight, Game Plans, And Fighting On UFC Fight Pass – Exclusive (Part 2 of 3)



On Sep. 6, Invicta FC 8 goes down at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Mo. The card will be the first event for the promotion featured on the UFC’s digital streaming service, Fight Pass. The card features three title fights, including a fight for the vacant strawweight championship belt, between Stephanie Eggink and Katja Kankaanpaa.

I had the chance to interview Eggink and discuss various topics. In part 2 of 3 of the interview she discusses her upcoming title fight and opponent as well as what it means to be fighting on UFC Fight Pass.


Part 2- Upcoming title Fight

Q: You are fighting for the Invicta FC strawweight title on Sep. 6, how would you breakdown your opponent, Katja Kankaanpaa?  How do you match up against her?

A: “She is shorter and stockier than me. She is lower to the ground and I know she is going to try to take me down. I have seen her fights, she is relentless and doesn’t stop pursuing. I am an outside fighter and like to keep people away from me, so it should be a good match up.”


Q: You’ve held titles in other promotions, so do you feel like that championship experience will give you an advantage?

A: “Not really, I have never gone the full 5 rounds before so I don’t have any experience or idea what to expect when it comes to that. I know I am in great shape, the best I have ever been in, but 25 minutes is a damn long time.  I am looking at this like any other fight, it just has two extra rounds. That is how I stay focused and relaxed, it’s just another fight. It’s not the end of the world. However, this is a huge promotion, and a lot more eyes will be on me than in my last title fight, that’s exhilarating and nerve-racking at the same time.”


Q: This will be the first Invicta FC card streaming on UFC Fight Pass, any thoughts on that? Does it add any more excitement or pressure?

A:  “Like I said before, more eyes on me adds a little pressure. But I don’t think about that, not now and not when I’m fighting. If you start to think about the repercussions of winning and losing you lose focus. I will deal with that after the fight is over, right now my focus is on her and me.”


Q: The UFC now has a strawweight division. Do you see a future for you in the UFC?

A: “Of course that’s a thought, but Invicta is a great promotion and I am not thinking about leaving before I have even gotten started with them. I love how Shannon [Shannon Knapp, Invicta FC President] treats her fighters, like royalty.”


Q: Let’s talk about game plans. There are those who have them and do their best to stick to them and then there are those fighters who claim to not have game plans and instead just feel out the fight as it happens. Where do you fall on that spectrum?

A: “Game plans are good for a general idea of where you think the fight may go. But just training for a specific thing is foolish, you never know what is going to happen, how your opponent has been training and what their plan is for the fight. I think she is going to try to take me down but maybe she will want to stand and strike instead, I have to be able to adjust quickly to that change. A well-rounded fighter is one that can do that.”


Q: Can you describe your dream finish to this upcoming title fight?

A: “Spinning back heel kick from hell. I have never thrown one in my life so it would, in fact, be a dream for me to land one.”



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