Expert Advice – MMA is not for you if…

Professional fighting is a sport not made for everyone.

Sure, fighters get fame, money, girls, and glory, but they also get hit in the face, a lot!

During last night’s Stud Show Radio broadcast, UFC Veteran and Team Alpha Male coach/cornerman Justin Buchholz told a story about the Gracie family’s MMA test.

“I was talking to Carlson Gracie Jr.,” started Buchholz. “And he said his dad’s judge for [anyone who wants to fight] MMA, he said he would have the best jiu jitsu guy, or some incredible athlete, who would be like, “Oh I want to fight. I want to fight MMA.”

“And he would put them with a really good striker on the feet, and they would start sparring and he said whenever the guy did this… [gestures like he’s afraid to get hit in the face]. If anybody did this, no matter who it was, [gestures again]. MMA is not for you.”

“I turn my head and look away, and kind of close my eyes and put my hands out. If someone does that, MMA is not for you. That’s the test.”

“That made me think a lot,” The Team Alpha Male fighter stated. “You gotta have that vision for MMA. You gotta have that vision. You can’t take your eyes off your opponent. Unless you’re doing spinning shit.”

“So according to Carlson [Gracie] Sr., if you did that, no matter who you were, overcoming that to get you to win an MMA fight is tougher than… You just need to go back to the drawing board.”

“If you want to succeed in this sport you gotta decide right now. You have eagle vision, you don’t turn away. If it was old school and you were in Brazil and you’re trying out for the team and you did that you’re done. Done!”

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