Bellator Champ Emanuel Newton Talks Steroids: “I’ll Never Touch The Stuff”- Exclusive


Do you enjoy listening to exclusive interviews with big names in the MMA world? Then go listen to BJPENN.COM Radio! The show returned this past Sunday with Bellator light-heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton and Enson Inoue. If you missed it, check out some of what Newton had to say below.

Obviously steroids and failed drug tests are the talk of the town right now so it only made sense to get the champs thoughts on it all. Here he is talking about steroid use and whether he thinks it’s a matter of cheating or if guys just don’t understand what’s going into their bodies.

“I think it’s a combination of both. I think some guys, they become so dependent on it, especially some of the older, more veteran fighters.”

“I think a lot of guys got dependent on it especially guys coming over from fighting in other countries. So then they hang on to that habit and think ‘I’m not going to be anything without my stuff.’”

“That’s another reason why I don’t get in the gym and go all hard and I try to save all my strength for the fight because I know a lot of these guys are on steroids.”

“So guys become dependent on it, so then when they don’t have it they try to fight without it and end up having a bad performance or they’ll lose and then think ‘man I need to get back on it.'”

“I’ll never touch the stuff. I want to retire when I’m 33, I don’t want to be in this sport, I see these kids coming up now, they’re monsters.”

The champion fights Friday night against Liam McGeary and said he’s looking forward to a positive year and plans on continuing his winning ways.

“I’m excited to turn some more heads, destroy some more haters and just keep climbing, then I’m sure I’ll get more recognition from Bellator.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

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