Report | Manager says Yoel Romero’s weight cut was ended prematurely by commission

Yoel Romero, UFC 225

After tipping the scales at 186 pounds — one pound above the limit for middleweight title fights — Yoel Romero was given an additional two hours to attempt to shed that final pound. Apparently, however, his efforts to lose the final pound were cut short by a commission executive, and his team doesn’t know why. This is particularly interesting information, as Romero ultimately came in 0.2 pounds above the 185-pound limit as a result.

Ariel Helwani explained the situation on Twitter:

“Just spoke to Yoel Romero’s manager Abraham Kawa,” Helwani said in the first of several Tweets on the subject. “He said an hour into the extra 2 hours they had to cut the one pound, the exec. director of the Illinois Commission told Romero to stop the cut and weigh in.

They were told it was a medical call, though they said a doctor was w/ them and wasn’t stopping it, though that doctor couldn’t overrule the head the commission,” Helwani continued. “It took them a while to get downstairs but they firmly believe if given the full 2 hours he would have made it.

“In fact, he said his team believes all he needed was five more minutes. They have yet to be given an official reason as to why it was called off an hour early. As for Romero’s state, Kawa said, ‘I was scared for him [at UFC 221] in Australia, I wasn’t scared for him today.’ They are upset.

As for whether Whittaker-Romero 2 will continue as a non-title fight tomorrow, I’m told that is TBD at this time. No official call has been made. Still much to discuss.”

So, from the sounds of it, Romero might have made the 185-pound cap for middleweight title fights, had the commission not put an end to his efforts to do so. His team does not seem to have been worried about his health.

It remains to be seen whether Yoel Romero’s UFC 225 headlining bout with Robert Whittaker will go ahead. Stay tuned.

This article first appeared on on 6/8/2018.

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