WATCH! Jon Jones addresses everyone talking about his speeding ticket!

By Russell Ess - February 9, 2016

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones feels like the smallest things in his personal life are going to be blown up by the media. If any of those small things move the needle with any of his fans or critics, he is absolutely right.

Jones was recently buzzing in the media after court documents revealed he was given a traffic citation on January 31, 2016. A representative would later state that Jones was given a speeding ticket and would appear in traffic court on Wednesday.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion responded to all the buzz about his traffic citation with a video he posted to Instagram.

Jones said in his video:

“Guys, I’ve gotten my sobriety back, almost five months sober now, living happier and healthier, got rid of a lot of people that didn’t need to be in my life, completed 65 appearances talking to the youth in the community, about to win a world title in a few weeks, and they’re talking about tickets.”

Jones has a criminal history with driving. Last year he was stripped of his UFC light heavyweight title and suspended from the UFC after a hit-and-run incident that had him sort out his legal issues before being reinstated by the UFC. In 2012, Jones was also arrested and charged with DUI after crashing his vehicle into a utility pole in New York.

Jones recently opened up to Ariel Helwani about his lifestyle choices and his new life living sober. The in-depth interview caught a lot of a new Jon Jones. We will all have to simply wait and see if the former champion can continue living a clean lifestyle and avoid getting into any more legal trouble.

What are your thoughts on the buzz about Jones’ speeding ticket? Is it a big deal or not? Share your opinion with us in the comments!


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