Rafael dos Anjos thanks UFC for finally giving him ‘easy’ fight with Conor McGregor

Rafael dos Anjos

“I want to thank Dana and Lorenzo for finally giving me an easy fight in the UFC.”

The UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos had some words of his own regarding his superfight with UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. Dos Anjos appeared on the MMA Hour on Monday and spoke about the historic fight with his outspoken opponent.

“It wasn’t difficult, man,” said dos Anjos on Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour (transcribed by Yahoo!). “My parents, when I was kid, they [were] always telling me, you never argue with crazy people. You let them talk. So, that’s what I did.

“I’m a calm-headed fighter. I do my job. I know the time will come March 5. I’ll finally put my hands on the guy. [He’s] gonna pay for everything. Everything he say outside the Octagon. He say bad things about my God, he say bad things about my wife and my kids. Of course, for sure, he’s crossing the line. But in the Octagon is the place where everyone will pay for their sins. And he’s gonna pay. He’s gonna pay on March 5.”

Dos Anjos admitted that the talk and antics of McGregor has gotten into his head, but insists that he will beat him without letting emotions overcome the way he fights.

“This guy thinks because he dresses in nice clothes, and he drives a nice car, that he has class,” dos Anjos said. “But he’s classless. He has no class. He’s a low life. I can’t wait to go in there. I’m not taking it personal; he’s an actor. He’s acting. Once I go in there, I’m a straight guy: I don’t talk, I do. I’m going to go in there and send this guy back to his home.”

Dos Anjos said that he will be getting the same pay that he got in his last title fight with Donald Cerrone. However this being a PPV card against one of the biggest draws in the UFC, dos Anjos is likely to be compensated nicely, but insists that he isn’t concerned about the money.

“Everybody likes money,” he said. “I like money. I need money to survive. But I don’t love money. Money is not my god. I don’t worship the money like him. Everybody needs money, but I’m a fighter. For what I make, I’m happy with what I make. The money is not everything; it’s about honor. I’m going to show him why I’m champion.”

Fellow UFC lightweight and former Bellator MMA champion Eddie Alvarez was on the show earlier and said that the way to beat McGregor is to take him down to nullify his striking. Dos Anjos however is ever confident in his abilities wherever the fight happens to go.

“I think I can beat this guy anywhere. If I fight a jiu-jitsu match with him, I’ll beat him. If I fight a karate match with him, I’ll beat him. If I fight a K-1 rules with him, I’ll beat him. I think I can beat him anywhere.”

What do you think fans? Will Rafael dos Anjos crush Conor McGregor’s dreams of becoming the UFC’s first simultaneous two weight champion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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