VIDEO | Paulie Malignaggi Says Conor McGregor Still Has 30 Minutes of Ass Whooping Left

Conor McGregor Paulie Malignaggi

We know that Conor McGregor stepped in the boxing ring and fought Floyd Mawyeather to rake in an obscene amount of money, but even before that he was in an intense feud with another boxer. After a controversial knockdown during a training session with Paulie Malignaggi at the UFC Performance Institute got posted to Twitter, all hell broke loose. McGregor and Malignaggi went back and forth with trash talk, confronted each other in public, and were rumored to even be in talks for another boxing bout. After over six months, Malignaggi still has unfinished business with the Irishman.

“I know I have the truth [about the knockdown video], so for me it’s funny to crack on [Conor McGregor] because I know it gets on his nerves, it gets on his fans nerves. [..] You know what world I come from? I come from Brooklyn in the Eighties and Nineties. If somebody is talking sh-t about you the way I’m talking sh-t about [McGregor], you gotta come see him. So, he’s gotta come see me. If he doesn’t like it, he can come see me. We don’t have to do it in the ring, we don’t have to do it in the cage, come see me. You come to New York, we can talk about it like two men. Come see me. Man to man. He’s gotta come see me because I’m just going to keep sh-tting on him.”

“Everybody keep asking me questions and that’s it, I have the truth. There are no more videos that he can release that make him look good, So, that’s it. There’s 30 minutes of ass whooping he’s got left, he’s gonna save that one. He can come see me. He doesn’t have to, but he can come see me if he wants me to stop. Otherwise, I’m going to be that guy that just keeps sh-tting on them. When I was young and I don’t like somebody who is talking sh-t about me, I would go see them. You’re going to talk sh-t about me, I’m going to come see you. We’re gonna talk about it and we’re gonna do something about it, that’s how men handle things.” — Paulie Malignaggi speaking to Fight Hub TV.

There is all this talk swirling of Floyd Mayweather making a deal with the UFC after his eyebrow raising video that looks just like a viral ad for sponsor Paddy Power, but could Paulie Malignaggi wedge his way into a fight after all this time with Conor McGregor? McGregor hasn’t acknowledged Malignaggi in a long time and seems to have his eyes on his huge potential opponents inside the Octagon. However, as these past few years have proved, absolutely anything can happen in combat sports.

This article first appeared on on 2/16/2018.

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